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Illinois Infringes on Religious Freedom

Well, ladies and gentlemen. For months outside this blog (nay, the past two years) I’ve been predicting something like this would happen, and it finally has. Look at this: http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=42502.

If ever there was a need for the unconstitutional notion of church-state separation, this is it. I was under the impression that the First Amendment guarantees no government intrusion in religion. This is obvious and blatant intrusion into the churches by the Illinois government. Do you really want to hire someone whose very philosophy is against that of your business?

This is what it amounts to: the so-called “homosexual agenda” is on the warpath to demonize Christianity and Christians, to make Christian speech about homosexuality “hate speech,” and now they are attempting (and in this case succeeded) to force the churches to ignore the religious teachings that are part of the foundation of their existence. Now, I like to avoid making generalizations, but quite frankly, these people are not going to stop until we are criminals. Criminals!

I call on all Christians–not faithful Christians, not concerned Christians, but ALL Christians, faithful and backslidden–to stand up and decry this blatant abuse of government authority. Jesus did not allow his house to be turned into a den of thieves, and I’ll be John Brown if I allow my church to be usurped by a bigoted “ordinance against bigots.”

And with that, I’m going to church.

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