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Behold, He Makes All Things New!

He surely does. A new school year started yesterday, and I kicked it off in grand fasion–no sleep and two 3-hour classes, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. And then today I had my “regular” one-hour class; however it is an 8AM class and therefore I have no sleep until that class is over, given that I work 3rd shift these days. Such is the life of a bivocational pastor. I can’t wait to graduate. Don’t get me wrong, I love school, but I’ve been a student for too freaking long.

Anyway, before I nod off near-permanently, let me inform you that school has started. Oh wait, I already did that. Anyhow, I have updated the sidebar a little bit–the Academic Reading section will now reflect what I am reading for my classes. And I decided to abandon the “Hearing Aids” ranking system for movies. Instead I will create an object to assign that is relevant to the movie in question. Certainly fits when you consider that Zoolander was only worth 2 Airheads. I’m not even sure it’s worth a single airhead, but then I had to think about how many airheads it takes to make sense of this movie. Let’s hope those two airheads are not blonde.

Well, with no further ado, I am going to bed. When I awake, I will regale you with a thought I am developing after my first day of class.

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