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Movie Review: Revelations

Well, Tricia and I went to the big Labor Day flea market, and while strolling amongst the wares, I was suddenly distracted by what appeared to be a Star Wars movie. Upon closer examination, I realized I was looking at none other than a Star Wars fan film! I immediately became engrossed in the film, much to Tricia’s chagrin. I questioned the guy, and found that his store (right across the river in Clarksville) often sold these things! Cool!

After walking around getting totally bent out of shape over this development, I marched Tricia back to the table and I bought one of the fan films: Revelations.

This movie was, in a word, excellent. The story was great and plausible. The acting was good though obviously amateur, but extremely convincing. The special effects were obviously computer generated, but spectacular. The lightsabers were very well done, right down to the look of the blade. My only gripe is that the fights were horrible. Lousy. Painful to watch. But I was able to tolerate it.

If anyone has access to fan films, I strongly suggest they go out and get them. I was blown away by this movie and recommend it to everyone.

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