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State of the Blog Address

My fellow bloggers, Brothers and Sisters in Christ, readers of the moment, and non-believers of every stripe and squiggle:

Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Okay, this isn’t going to be the Epistle of the Deaf Jedi to the Internet, but it is an update. I’ve made some changes to the blog, the most obvious of which is the new template. As I haven’t had the time to sit down and figure out Blogger’s template code so I can mess with it in my own way (or write my own template), I’ve settled for switching to a new template. I’ve switched twice, actually–I just like this one better. I plan to put a new pic in the profile, as well as finally figure out how to clean up the sidebar (if only the great Archer of the Forest would let slip the secret of how he figured that one out).

I’ve also massively updated the sidebar and added a few things as well. First off, you’ll notice my reading items haven’t changed that much–Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell is a long read–846 pages to be exact, and I’ve only read 415 to this point–and I have been taking my time reading it. Luther is taking a long time as well, since I keep having to put it down, digest it, make sense of it, and then pick it up again. Seeing With New Eyes has also fallen by the wayside, since post-fall break educational responsibilities tend to pick up quickly. So for now I’m sticking with Jonathan Strange until things cool off.

School reading has changed–I’m now in the marriage and family counseling phase of the semester. Practical reading abounds, and it’s very interesting, at least to me.

I’ve not seen any new movies, played any new games, or started listening to any new music lately, so those haven’t changed.

My rankings are current up to the games of October 15th. Agree or take issue at your discretion.

Okay, now for the new stuff.

I’ve added a couple of new sections–“I am Watching” for the tv shows or what have you that I am currently watching; and I’ve decided to include any tv shows I happen to have on DVD. Right now that encompasses the first three seasons of MacGyver. More on that later.

I’ve also added a section called “Big Daddies Not-That-Cool” to reference “important” people around campus, the SBC, and Christendom in particular. Why’d I pick that? Because they are in effect Big Dogs, and I say they’re “Not-That-Cool” because they are the voices of Christianity in today’s public forum. WWE wrasslin’ fans will also recognize the allusion to “Big Daddy Cool” Diesel (also known these days as Kevin Nash).

I’ve added a couple of new links; just to Dave Ramsey and to BP News. Star Wars is on there, in case you hadn’t already noticed.

Lastly, I’ve rounded out the “Blogs of Note” by adding some new blogs: Dee Reju at The Reju Tribe, Alex Forrest, Nick’s future wife Sandy, Sandy’s maid of honor Amanda, and a socio-political commentary blog by Vox Day. All are fun and interesting, but Vox Day should not be read in the company of women, and should probably only be read after you have had a good meal and a beer or two (for those of you who drink).

Well, I think that covers all the changes. Hope you enjoy yourselves in the Holocron!

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  1. October 15, 2005 at 6:09 pm

    I think what you need to do to square the side bar is to go into your html editor. About 2/3’s the way down the script, you will come to the section of html that reads this way (I have had to change the html coding from to [ and ] or the html editor on this blog will interpret my comment as real html code) :

    [ ! — Begin .box — ]

    [ div class = ” box ” ] [ div class = ” box2 ” >

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