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Fire in the Temple

Well, it seems I was “on fire” yesterday during my sermon. I was continuing my theme of wants and needs, based off hearing the Rolling Stones’ “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” a few weeks ago. This week I talked about “God In The Storm,” basically a Christian response to “when bad things happen to good people.”

I didn’t think I’d done anything special. I did think, though, that I had “clicked,” that I’d basically let the Holy Spirit guide me and direct my words. My transitions were all there, everything was seamless, I was clear as a bell, all that jazz. I wasn’t even tired as I usually am after preaching! I was feeling quite pleased at my technique and clarity afterwards–after all, that’s been my goal, to preach with skill in sign language.

Then on the drive back to Tricia’s house for a family dinner, she remarked that I was “on fire” that morning. Huh? She said I was about to blow the roof off the place. I asked around when we got back to church that afternoon, and all I got were speechless exclamations. Was I that clueless as to my performance?

I wonder if one of the ways we truly act in His power is when we don’t even know it. Hmm. I must meditate on this thought more.

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