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Intelligent Design: “The New Dogmatists”

Now, I haven’t weighed in on intelligent design because, quite honestly, I’m not intelligently designed enough (pun intended).

Okay, that was horrible.

But seriously, I am not well-versed in this theory to adequately discuss it. I understand the rudiments, but I have not and do not keep up with the discussion, books, and articles surrounding it. I do think intelligent design is compelling, and in the near future (probably next summer) I will devote some time to studying it and reading up. Maybe then we’ll have some real blogposts about it.

Many of you might have heard about the Pennsylvania judge striking down ID from being mentioned in science classes. USA Today has an interesting editorial about this that can be found here.

If Darwinists continue to act like schoolyard bullies, pretty soon one of two things will happen. Either the public will wise up and tell them to start doing real science instead of wasting our time setting up ID as a straw man and knocking it down; or our kids will believe they evolved from dog poop.

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