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“Ghost Hunting 101”

Hey folks, it’s Wednesday. I’m putting this up as filler until I finish the first of the doctrines of grace, “Total Depravity.”

Well, I came out of a meeting and came across a brochure for the University of Louisville’s continuing education program. Lo and behold, I saw they actually have a class on ghost hunting! Here’s the description:

Ghost Hunting 101
This popular class explores the intriguing world of the paranormal, taking a glimpse into the age of spiritualism, addressing theories on ghosts and hauntings, and offering techniques for researching and investigating paranormal activity. A field exercise will give you the opportunity to use research tools and report on the investigation.

Isn’t that a hoot?

They’re actually gonna go to graveyards. Wow. As the Scripture says:

…professing to be wise, they are fools….

You know the rest.

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  1. February 8, 2006 at 5:38 pm

    You might be interested to know that we have our own monster right here in Louisville. It lives under the Pope Lick Trestle.

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