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A Holocron Wedding

This past weekend my sister Angie got married. Mah-hah-harried. And, being the award-winning Big Brother that I am, I preached the wedding. An April Fool’s Day wedding that wasn’t a joke! It was a small, intimate, family and close friends only wedding, and it was a lot of fun. To celebrate the beginning of Spring Break here at SBTS, I thought I’d share some pics with y’all.

Our Favorite Goofy One. This here is my bride-to-be, Tricia, in a goofy rehearsal moment.

You mean this was an April Fool’s joke?!? Me and Angie sharing a lighthearted moment before the ceremony.

Brother and Sister.

Let’s do it, girl!

Me officiating the ceremony.

The Family. I’ve prayed for a picture like this for 12 years, ever since my parents divorced. If only it represented the reality. Well, I’ll just keep praying! This one will get an 8×10 in my living room for sure.

Mom and Dad with their new son-in-law.

Of course, these pics don’t begin to tell the story of that weekend. There’s the part where champagne was spilled on my suit, leading to no end of “you’re cut off” and “aren’t you a preacher?” jokes; my cousin Andrew (who was the official photographer–these pics were all done by him) giving what will become an infamous although inadvertent “linebacker” remark; there’s the glorious rehearsal dinner; and many others that likely will never be told here.

But God was greatly glorified this weekend; His name was worthily praised!

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