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Creating the Deaf Jedi Archives, Part Deux

Well, I have just completed a third stack. So far the total is 56 books, and I’ve still got, let’s see, 14 stacks to go. Cataloguing is turning out to be a fun but tedious process. Thank the good Lord you can go online and find out a lot of this information such as list price and current value.

Speaking of current value, the present value of the 56 books I have catalogued comes out to $1,217.00 That is a shocking number to me, because those books represent about 3 or 4 semesters’ worth of books purchased. Granted, a lot of the books I have catalogued were not class purchases, but they well could have been. It is a bit scary to me to think I actually own something collectively worth that much. I wonder what the final tally will be once the other 14 stacks are catalogued. I’m reminded heavily of a saying made famous by Erasmus (roughly recalled here): “When I have money, I buy books. If I have anything left over, I buy food and clothes!” As these first three stacks are showing me, that’s certainly true of me!

So far, no authors have jumped out in the list. No author has more than two books in the catalog. Of course, I expect that to change as I start digging into the stacks, but we shall see. I have not really had a favorite author, nor do I expect to get one anytime soon. “Favorite authors” for me tend to write in the realm of fiction (R. A. Salvatore, Terry Brooks, for example). I do know, however, that I posess all but one of Mr. Bruce Ware’s books (the exception being Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), so if you wanted to say he’s a favorite, you could easily do so. That man just…challenges…my mind. Take his classes if you ever get the chance.

Well, as I recover from a sinus infection, I’m going to try and make it 5 stacks completed today. Enjoy your day, and any cataloguing suggestions you can give would be greatly appreciated!

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