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Refurbishing the Batcave

Today I got my desktop back from the shop.  And there was joy in Gotham.

My desktop has been kaput since February, when in an attempt to download an anti-virus program, it went all kerfuffle.  Not having the greenage to send it to be fixed, I relied on my trusty laptop until today.  This is like Batman getting his mighty Cray supercomputer up and running again.  And I thankfully did not lose a single thing–I still have all my papers, sermons, and ministry files!

What I’m learning now is I’ve forgotten all the bells and whistles of this thing, all the tricks and shortcuts I’ve developed.  And that my laptop has me spoiled a bit.  I’ve grown accustomed to high-resolution monitors, and this dinky 800 by 600 just isn’t cutting it.  (Though I do think that something’s wonky, because I could have sworn I had at least 1024 x 786 or whatever it was before the crash.)

I also get to move all my files from the laptop over to this thing, and I will be backing up my sermons onto the laptop.  I also will need to purchase a new anti-virus (Norton AntiVirus, of course) and a copy of Works to deal with my library file (this desktop strangely did not come with Works, but WordPerfect).

After that, Tricia and I will sit down in front of the monitor and give the thing a thorough scrubbing.  All of the old files on this thing will be evaluated and either deleted or reorganized.  Any unneeded programs will also get the axe.

And that’s my random rambling for the week.

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