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The United Nations Adventure of Timmy

Timmy...or is it?

I was flipping through the channels tonight while sitting in my recliner, with my chihuahua, Reese’s Cup, sleeping quietly in my lap.  As I landed on C-SPAN, all of a sudden I heard a flurry of Farsi, and saw none other than our very own Timmy Brister on the tube!  Intrigued, I settled in to watch Timmy, who appeared to be addressing none other than the United Nations.

Timmy was very articulate and well-spoken.  He spoke of the need for reform in the United Nations, especially of the need to allow those who are reform-minded a place at the table with the same veto power as those on the UN Security Council.  He spoke against “domineering” by certain members of said council.  He toned the rhetoric down, but was unable to avoid taking potshots at Israel, the United States, and Great Britain for their role in Middle Eastern politics.

Oh wait…maybe that’s not Timmy…he shaved his beard…and his head…though now he does sport a bit of a buzz cut…


The Deaf Jedi will now run and hide before he receives a beat-down.

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  1. September 20, 2006 at 6:12 am

    What? Didn’t like the speech . . . or was it the hair? Style is so subjective.

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