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Pre-emptive Weekend Post

Tomorrow, I am off from my job at UPS, and Tricia and I are going to take advantage of that little tidbit to drive down to Tennessee to visit my family. It is a long-overdue visit. I don’t think we have visited at all since before the wedding, unless time has done its usual weird scrunchy thing in my memory.

We will be taking dear little Reese’s Cup with us to meet her “Aunt” Rosie (mom’s Chihuahua). Rosie is a solitary dog not socialized with other dogs, so she’ll probably turn out to be the mean old aunt.

Also, while running a few errands today, I took the opportunity to take an old Lifeway gift card I found in one of the still non-unpacked boxes in my office to repurchase my lost book The Doctrines of Grace by James Montgomery Boice and Philip G. Ryken. Click here for my review of the book. Now I can put some serious steam into finishing my series on the 5 points. That book has seriously formed and informed my understanding of these doctrines, and I greatly encourage anyone who, like me, is investigating Calvinism to pick this book up and read it carefully, highlighting, underlining, and notetaking as they read. At least with a fresh book I get to mark it up all over again.

Another highlight of this weekend is that I get to watch Tennessee football with the family. Tennessee plays Georgia this weekend in a fight to see who will be the SEC East champ should Florida falter, and it is possible a BCS berth will be on the line as well. I am absolutely thrilled at the progress Tennessee has shown this year. Erik Ainge looks like a world-beater. David Cutcliffe has done exactly as I predicted a year ago and turned this offense around. I cannot wait until he and coach Philip Fulmer have had a couple of years of recruiting; then Tennessee will be the number one team in the country once again! My prediction for this year (that’s right, I’m in a predicting mood again): 10-2 with a trip to a January bowl game. What’s the other loss? Either Georgia or the SEC championship, in which case Tennessee would actually be 11-2. I am not going to predict the bowl game, since that will be a measuring stick for next season rather than a capper for this one.

Well, I must go to work. Good night all!

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