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Photo Friday

Dad and Granddaddy of the Deaf Jedi

For this week’s Photo Friday submission, I decided to go old.  I don’t yet trust the refurbished desktop with any digital camera functions, so I just pulled an old photo off the files.  On the left is the Dad of the Deaf Jedi, Stephen Sr.  On the right is the Granddaddy of the Deaf Jedi, Joe.  Both are Jedi Masters in their own right.

This photo was taken at Granddaddy’s 2003 birthday get-together.  He’s shaking up something in some kind of mixture that he was about to deep-fry.  Incidentally, this was also my wife Tricia’s first opportunity to meet the family after we started dating.  And of course, we all know how that turned out – she’s now an official member of the Jedi Council.

Also, please pray for Granddaddy – he is recovering from pneumonia.  I had that back in the 7th grade and remember just how nasty it was.  More than that, pray for a whitewashing of Georgia by Tennessee on Saturday so he feels better.  He can rest easy if UT basically forces animal control to show up for cruelty to Bulldogs. 😉  If the Vols play like a 5th grade team, I just know I’m going to hear a ton of Hebrew around the house.  (“Hebrew” is an inside joke among my family and a few friends.  I’ll explain it some other time.)

Well, we will be on the road in 4 hours, so I am going to get some shut-eye.  Enjoy your weekend, and spend the Lord’s Day at church, where you oughta be anyway!

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