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It’s Great To Be A Tennessee Vol

Oh yes, it’s great to be a Tennessee Vol.

It’s also great to be back in Louisville. Not that I’d rather be here than Tennessee, but you understand, I’ve made a home here and it’s always nice to be home.

Now that Georgia has been soundly whipped like the mangy curs they are, we can turn our attention to the rest of the season. This was a weekend of upsets and near-upsets, with Auburn surprisingly losing and other ranked teams eking out wins.

This Tennessee season has been exactly what I predicted. David Cutcliffe has completely turned this offense around. Erik Ainge has played as if he’s aspiring to be the next Peyton Manning all year, the offense is clicking like tap dancers, Rocky Top has been played more often than it has been in years. And with the exception of the Florida game, the shouting of Hebrew has been drastically reduced in my granddaddy’s house. 😉

During the game, they showed Tennessee’s remaining schedule, and I realized quickly I’d forgotten about the upcoming LSU game. So, given my prediction of 10-2, I’m going to revise it somewhat since we’ve just whipped Georgia like the redheaded stepchild they are. I’m keeping the 10-2, but making LSU the possible second loss. Arkansas could also be the second loss, but we shall see. A January bowl after this 10-2 season is still in the works, but I’m still not predicting the bowl.

Either Ohio State or Michigan will be in the national title game, since I don’t see either team losing until that titanic matchup. I don’t believe Florida is worthy of a #2 ranking. They’ve been a terrible team all year, and have lucked out to win the games they have. They would get creamed by Ohio State or Michigan; and I think now that the Vols have caught their usual October fire, Florida would get turned into gator steak. Well done to burnt.

So, who will be #2? A few candidates remain:

  • USC. All these media darlings have to do is win out. Reporters’ pets.
  • Louisville. Shellacking West Virginia would catapult them. They will, unfortunately, need a Florida loss to reach the title game.
  • Michigan. The Wolverines control their destiny. Beat Ohio State and they are in.
  • West Virginia. See Louisville for their conundrum.
  • Tennessee, Texas, Notre Dame, Auburn. These guys have an outside chance of reaching the title game should any of the above falter. All should be in a BCS bowl.

And there you have it. Now, let’s all go and enjoy ourselves. This has been a great college football season!

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  1. October 9, 2006 at 2:58 pm

    I am not sure who should be No. 2 at this point. Not being able to see any games, I am having to base my opinion on 2nd hand information. Honestly, I have to say USC, even though they are not the great team of yesteryear.

    I agree Florida is overrated. In fact, I think next week’s Florida-Auburn is the upset special of the week in my book. Auburn is going to be out for blood after getting their butt handed to them last week. I think Michigan is overrated, but they don’t play anybody until Ohio State at the end of the year, and will get phat smackied. And West Virginia…who can tell. The Big East is worse than the WAC. Louisville should be No. 3 I think because they have a coach that is good, but again, who can tell as their conference is marginal.

  2. October 12, 2006 at 1:06 pm

    It’s interesting that you disparage as “overrated” and “terrible” a team that came back from 10 down in YOUR HOUSE. Sing it with me…

    Bitterness, bitterness is what I long for
    Bitterness, bitterness is what I need…

    I’m not saying we Gators will beat Auburn and win out, but don’t count us out. Some call us lucky. I call us opportunistic.

    Other than that, I appreciate your posts on the doctrines of grace. Good stuff!


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