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More Gallaudet Stuff and a Blog Update

First, the blog update.

Some of you have been asking where my Romans sermons have been. Quite honestly, they haven’t been because Pastor Tim has preached, I’ve been out of town, and I was the boss at work (UPS) last week while my partners were on vacation, and we spent the previous week to that preparing me for bosshood last week. So, in a phrase, I’ve been busy. But I do have two sermons covering Romans 1:8-12 already preached and in the can. You can hopefully expect them to be blogged by the end of the week, with this Sunday’s sermon on Romans 1:13-15 up no later than Saturday.

But again, I make no promises. My wife’s great-aunt passed away this Friday, and we are having the funeral Monday (tomorrow), so Monday will be an insanely busy day until time to go to work. We’ve also had a couple of other deaths in our church family that will require me to make pastoral visits to said church members this week. So if I even get one of those three sermons up by Friday, I will consider myself accomplished.

Speaking of work, WHERE are you, Louisville Deaf people? Especially you young-uns who need jobs? UPS is hiring, and I’m telling you, you do not want to pass up employment with us. UPS is the greatest place in town for anyone to work. You could begin a career here, just like the current UPS CEO did! To apply, go to www.upsjobs.com and fill out an online application.

Second, the Gallaudet update.

Some of you have read my initial post on the Gallaudet protests (see here). Well, when I returned to my humble abode from the funeral home tonight (Sunday night), I found a rather lengthy comment on said post. And it was a comment of substance. A full 10-point presentation as to why Jane Fernandes should not be the next president of Gallaudet University. Sadly, it was also status-quo for the types of arguments being made for the protests. In the interest of being a “calmer head” in our Deaf community, and more importantly a peacemaker (in obedience to Scripture), I will interact with these points on this blog over the next week or two.

In case you’re wondering where the comment is, WordPress automatically quarantined it for moderation since it contained more than 2 links, and I don’t quite have the energy to click “permit comment” until I’ve investigated the links to make sure they’re kosher. So I will likely be doing that this week, with the aim of addressing the comment’s points as I get to them.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is Where I Am Right Now.

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