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Photo Friday: The Louisville “Blackout”

Well, by now you know. Last night, Louisville shellacked West Virginia 44-34 in a game that was much worse than the score indicated. Yes, West Virginia showed they are for real. Pat White and Steve Slayton are for real. They are scary good. But in what will be known for years as the famed “Blackout,” the Cardinals harassed them into an uncharacteristic 6 fumbles, three of which became turnovers, one of which was run back for a touchdown. It just proves a football axiom: you can’t give up turnovers, especially at crucial times, and expect to win games.

It was 30-14 before the third quarter was half over, all because of Slayton’s fumble and the punt return for a TD. The halftime score was 16-14 Louisville, but it could have and should have been worse, more like 28-14 or worse, because the Cards couldn’t find the end zone if you paid them, settling for three Art Carmody field goals inside the 5 yard line.

Brian Brohm was phenomenal. I still wish he’d gone to Tennessee, but oh well. He is reaping the benefits of his decision now, and God has blessed his decision.

In the third quarter, we actually did have a blackout!  The lights in the stadium started to wink out, leaving part of the place shrouded in darkness, but there was still plenty of light to play by.  It was unreal, and if you believe in those things, it was an omen.

My brother-in-law was there, broken foot and all, and I’m sure he greatly enjoyed himself.  I will soon go to pick his brain about the experience.

I participated in the “Blackout” from afar, as I wore all black to work last night. It felt good. It felt quasi-Goth (the style of which I find myself becoming more and more enamored with), but I certainly felt a lot like Johnny Cash. I wanted to paint my guitar black and do “Folsom Prison Blues” in the West Virginia locker room.

I am greatly enjoying my adopted team and university. They have given me seven years of pure enjoyment. My blood runneth Tennessee orange, but I can make a little room for Cardinal red. It’s easy, once you realize that we Tennessee folks hate Kentucky. 😉

Anyhow, with no further ado, here are some photos from last night’s game, courtesy of the C-J.

Brian Brohm

Fumble Return

The Blackout

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