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For Christmas, Tricia and I received several gift cards to various bookstores, mainly Borders. We stocked up on our fiction, Tricia buying an entire series that it is very likely will be read by both of us (the Charlie Bone series). I located the first of the James Bond novels by Ian Fleming, Casino Royale. We still have one more Borders card (which is mine, all mine) and a Books-a-Million card left to use.

But I received from my church two gift cards to Lifeway, which I instinctively knew would get spent in the Southern Seminary bookstore. I ought to just tell people from now on to get me Lifeway gift cards.

Unsure what I wanted to procure, we ventured yesterday to Southern, and I spent an hour walking the shelves. I realized quickly that I should have gone with a list and tried to find a couple of books on that list. But something caught my eye while I was in there. A solitary copy of Roger Olson’s Arminian Theology sat on the shelves, minding its own business. Seeing as ongoing study of the two major streams of theology in Christendom will be continuing in my future, I quickly snatched it up. I decided to use the remaining money on the gift cards to get one of those “read the Bible in a year” things. Pocket size, so I could take it to work.

Running through the introduction of the book, I quickly found myself listing several more books to procure in the future. It dawned on me that I have a pledge to fulfill: I must read the entirety of my library – or at least the books that I have shelved along one wall of my office – before procuring any further books (outside of gift cards and birthdays, of course). Ruefully, I crumpled the list and tossed it unceremoniously in the garbage.

But thus far, Olson’s book seems like it will be both challenging and forgettable. Challenging in some ways, forgettable in others. But I will review it when I have completed it.

I am such a bibliophile. There’s no such thing as too many books. To quote Erasmus:

“When I have money, I buy books. If there is any left over, I buy food and clothes.”

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