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A Disturbance in the Force, Episode II

I’ve got a bad feeling about this!“What is thy bidding, my master?”

There is a great disturbance in the Force.

“I have felt it”

We have a new enemy — healthy food.

“Yes, my master.”

It could destroy us.

“It’s only fruit and vegetables. Slobby-One can no longer help them.”

The Force is strong with them. The fruit of the soil must not become our lifestyle.

“If they could be turned into a delicious meal, they would become powerful allies.”

Yes, yes. They would be great assets. Can it be done?

“They will join us or die, my master.”


The Phantom Menace is beginning to reveal itself. Today Tricia and I went to restock our fridge, and instead of loading up on the usual, we went psycho and loaded up on our fruits and veggies. The glimmerings of the disturbance in the Force are beginning to be revealed. Foreboding and ominous music is playing in our apartment.

(Actually, that’s just the sound of the latest episode of 24 playing in the background, but I digress.)

We both decided that since we need to be eating healthier this year, that we would get rid of most of the junk in our kitchen. That means no chips, candy, so on and so forth. We need to eat more vegetables, which to a Southern boy like me means more home-cookin’, so we went out and bought a freezer load of assorted veggies (taters, maters, green beans, etc.), a fridge load of assorted fruit (apples, strawberries, etc.), and appropriate dinner meats to accompany them (cubed steak, chicken breasts, etc.). Interestingly, it cost LESS than our usual grocery runs did. We actually spent just as much because we had to get some household stuff (like laundry detergent and what have you), but food-wise we spent nearly $50 less than we normally have.

We now need to follow through and actually cook regularly. Time to fire up Food TV on a regular basis again.

To keep you updated, the disturbance in the Force remains mysterious, though the Council is sending Obi-Wan to Kamino to investigate tomorrow.

 I now go to watch the next two hours of the Season 6 premiere of 24.

UPDATE: Oh my stars and garters. If you weren’t watching the last hour of 24 tonight, go ahead and anathematize yourself. I will need the full week to recover from the shock. I think we can safely say this may well turn out to be the best season yet.

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  1. theologiaviatorum
    January 15, 2007 at 10:46 pm

    Consider me anathematized! We don’t have a TV and just recently watched season 5 on DVD (via the PC) a month ago. My brother just bought a DVD recorder and he said that he is going to try and record some of the episodes for me.

    Who died? What happened? Do I really want to know or wait until I can watch it for myself. Ahh!!!

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