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A Disturbance in the Force, Final

Just thought you ought to know: the disturbance in the Force has quieted. It is no more.

To reveal what has been happening in the past month, my wife came to me two days after New Year’s to tell me she was pregnant. And there was joy in Mudville. We eagerly used up our gift cards for the bookstores to scoop up pregnancy and parenting books. I had to make sure I got Dr. Spock. We may be ignorant as all get out about this stuff, but by God, I said, we’re gonna be ed-yew-mah-cay-ted.

Deaf Jedi Cloning Facility

But, alas, our little one went the way 20% of pregnancies do. Our Clone Trooper decided it didn’t want to be cloned. So the cloning facility was shut down.

and-you-will-know.jpgIf anything, this episode has reaffirmed to me our deep need to place our trust in God alone. In fact, this past Sunday I skipped my scheduled passage from Romans to preach from Psalm 63. A powerful Psalm of David, it is. It was a psalm about being willing to declare, “God, you are my God, dagnabit!” when life isn’t all that good. It was about being able to sing with joy because He is the Lord, and my troubles are nothing compared to the utter and total satisfaction that is to be found in Him. It is about truly realizing what it means to say “thy rod and thy staff comfort me!”  I’m sure Tricia was the only one who really “got it,” but there were a few folks in the congregation who could benefit and I feel positive they appreciated the encouragement.

So far, we have come out of this with a deep appreciation of what it means to be a parent and the emotions involved in such. We are also better prepared as a result of the prodigious research we did over the past four weeks. I’m certain that by no means did we read everything of importance, nor did we even scratch the surface of what is to be read. I also quickly deduced that a time would come when we would have to put the books away and just do it. One can only read so much, you know. I will never look at the “Parent” passages in Scripture the same way again, for sure.

Thanks to those of you who knew and were praying. Just keep praying, if you would.

To those who are wondering: no, this does not mean the current series on infant salvation will end. It does mean it will be delayed indefinitely while Tricia and I spend time focusing on ourselves. To best honor and glorify God, we need to take care of each other right now. That may likely mean I won’t be posting as often for the next month. I’m sure you understand.

And with that, I’m going to bed.

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  1. January 31, 2007 at 10:31 am

    Bless you as you go through this. I’m sorry to hear it and you both are in my prayers. It’s a terrible thing to go through and I want you to know that I and others grieve for you.

  1. February 9, 2007 at 4:40 am

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