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It’s Greek To Me

Dan Phillips of Team Pyromaniacs fame has begun a new blog named Hellenisti Ginoskeis, or “Know Greek.” The title is taken from Acts 21:37b — And he said, “Do you know Greek?”  You can find it linked in my Blogroll on the right sidebar.

Here’s his own description of the site:

This blog is all about reading, understanding, translating the Greek New Testament. My essays here are not necessarily disciplined, definitive articles. They are musings, observations, puzzlings, popping-offs, speculations, complaints, pronouncements, questions. I hope other students of the Greek New Testament will join in the Comments, to our mutual growth in understanding this God-breathed marvel.

There are a few things that you can do, if you would:

  • Invite your pastor (or your fellow-pastors) to visit this page
  • Announce it, and link to it on your blog or web page
  • Email the URL to your maybe-interested friends
  • Comment, contribute (—you can see that this has already been going on in the comment threads, below)

If you’re a Greeker, and want to, email me your own Greek observations. Maybe they’ll make The Big Time!

DJP also warns us that you will need either Firefox, Opera, or Internet Explorer 7 in order to read the Greek font. If you use an IE enhancement such as Maxthon, you’ll need IE7 installed. Otherwise you will see boxes in place of some of the Greek letters.

I immediately went and upgraded from IE 6 to IE 7 and I am enjoying IE 7 immensely. It’s a free upgrade, so go do it whether you like Greek or not.

And please don’t comment mocking me for my lack of internet sophistication since I am apparently one of the few holdouts out there that won’t switch to Firefox. 😉

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