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Blog Update (Again)

Okay, I’ll keep this one short and sweet. I have updated the blog a bit to reflect a couple of things. First of all, my College Football Rankings are now in hibernation until at least August 1. No, I won’t put up anything about basketball — I’m not a basketball guy. I’m a baseballer first and foremost and I absolutely love college football. Basketball is only interesting when (a) Louisville plays, (b) Tennessee plays, or (c) March Madness is here. And even then I only get interested when it is time for (c).

In its place will be a new feature, one that will be permanent at the top of the right sidebar. I will list “What I Am Preaching.” Noted will be the sermon I will preach for the listed date. You will see the Scripture to be used and the sermon title. So as to commemorate its inception, I’ll tell ya in this post what the first one ever listed is: “Total Depravity” from Romans 1:28-32. I’ll let ya scratch your heads over that one.

Anyway, I am sick with a sinus infection, so I plan to use the extra downtime to put up a couple extra sermons this week, starting tomorrow with “I Am Not Ashamed!” from Romans 1:16.

In other news, please congratulate my good friend Ryan Hall, a.k.a. The Archer of the Forest. He has just informed us that he was offered the curacy at St. Mark’s-on-the-Campus Episcopal Church in Lincoln, Nebraska. Make a special point to pray for him as he determines whether or not to accept the invitation.

A curate, as I understand it from Wikipedia, is charged with “the care, or cure (cura), of souls of a parish. In this sense, it means a parish priest. However, it has come to mean an assistant priest or deacon.” I didn’t think this was entirely accurate (seminary profs always say “Wiki won’t”), so I lurked further and found a definition from St. Mary’s Anglican Church in Ontario, Canada: “a minister in training. They would typically spend about two years in a parish after completing their more formal education.” This definition actually seems to fit pretty well. Young associate pastors usually are “ministers in training.” Now he and I can exchange witty anecdotes about our associate pastorates.

Well, that is the $2 update. Check back tomorrow for Romans 1:16!

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