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Call Me Hoss…

Well, I am still pretty sick from that sinus infection. It’s actually gotten worse – my throat has “closed up” and I’m coughing. I’m now on 3 medications: I gotta take 2 horse pills daily plus I gotta snort 2 different nasal sprays. Life is not fun when you have chronic sinus.

Anyway. A couple stray thoughts before bed tonight:

Call me Hoss: I have decided that when Tricia and I have children, I want my children to call me Hoss. I was reading through old posts on Team Pyro when I discovered that Phil Johnson’s son calls him “Hoss.” I like the idea of my kids calling me “Hoss.” And for the few of you who aren’t from the South, that’s pronounced Hawwsss. I can just imagine Tricia dealing with a misbehaving 2-year old: “Just you wait till Hoss gets home!” That’s right, don’t mess with Hoss. Since Tricia went to bed after the documentary, I gotta wait til morning to find out what she thinks. I’m sure she’ll be amused, but she might have a different name for me. 😉

The Jesus Family Tomb: I watched the documentary on the Discovery Channel and the discussion panel that followed it, and came away impressed with both. The documentary is a fun piece of entertainment, and it sparked old desires I once pursued (and still feel) to go into biblical archaeology. I sat in my recliner with Reese in my lap, my wife sitting next to me on the couch, and our English Bibles and my Greek New Testament open in front of us. There were inaccuracies in the documentary, to be sure, and flat out false assertions in a couple of places. I couldn’t keep up with it quickly enough textually to be sure I had located all of the assertions in the documentary, but I’m sure there are others who will provide better, more detailed and more thought-out analyses than I could ever provide.

The discussion panel with Ted Koppel afterwards was fantastic. I was thrilled to see people the caliber of William Dever and Jonathan Reid. These two absolutely skewered Simcha Jacobovici and James Tabor, from a standpoint of archaeology. So did Koppel, for that matter. He questioned Jacobovici on the fact that many of the experts he consulted have consistently backpedaled or stated they were taken out of context, but Jacobovici could not answer those claims at all. Spin all the way, folks.

Later, Koppel had theologians on to discuss theological implications, and while I recognized and appreciated Darrell Bock, I kept asking myself “who are these other two people?” There was a Catholic priest and a woman theologian there. Bock was the only one who consistently treated the issue seriously. The priest kept giving diplomatically worded but obvious dismissals of the documentary, while the female theologian kept wanting to talk about the influence of entertainment instead of the substance of the documentary.

I immediately lost any possible respect I could have had for James Tabor. He tried to make a discussion between him and Dr. Bock about which of them really believed the Bible. I was flatly dumbfounded. Mr. Tabor, do you really expect the public to believe that you, someone who has basically just denied the resurrection, truly believes the Bible; while Dr. Bock, someone who has made Scriptural faithfulness a hallmark of his career, does not? The arrogance is earth-shatteringly astounding to me.

I may provide links to good treatments of this documentary in the future, so check back for other updates. In addition, I’m mulling over whether or not I need to do a sermon on this.

Well, that’s it. I’m going to bed before the combo of sinus medicine and lack of rest drains the Force from me.

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