Yes, it has been slow this week. I’ve been sick for two weeks; I had issues at work to sort out, issues at church to sort out, issues at home to sort out. No, I won’t post just because you want me to. Suffice it to say the latter two “issues” are sorting themselves quite nicely. So for your weekend, a few thoughts:

We will be out of town this weekend, attending a memorial for my (older) cousin Danny. Danny was an ESL teacher at American University in Dubai and apparently died in his sleep over a weekend. It has been astounding to see how God has used him in the lives of his students and others with whom he interacted. No, I don’t know if he was a believer, but I intend to find out somehow this weekend (as long as I can do it in a graceful way, of course). Please pray for his brother Mark, who is the last surviving member of his immediate family. I looked up to those two when I was smallish, so I expect sincere prayers. 😉

Speaking of prayer requests, as far as the first “issue” goes, please pray for my future at UPS. There is a possibility that I could transfer off 3rd shift onto a day shift. I don’t have to emphasize too heavily what a great thing that would be; I’d be more rested, I’d be healthier, have more time for church things and personal study, and I’d have a lot more time with my wife. I will be working on the details (the transfer process, what I need to do, etc.) with my boss over the next couple of weeks, or we may decide to hold off until I get my new hearing aid (see below) so as to better facilitate discussion. Since I am committed to remain in my current assignment for one year, no transfer will be forthcoming until May or June at the earliest.

The Silent Holocron just became more silent. Our dog, the wonderful Reese’s Cup, decided to use my hearing aid for a chew toy, sneaking in my office, finding a way to get up on my desk, and swiping my hearing aid off the desk while I was showering for work last week. So I am now in the golden realms of silence. Oh well, I needed a new hearing aid anyway.

When you get lectured for teaching a Baptist doctrine in a sermon (especially one that appears in some form in every Baptist Faith and Message, as well as your own church’s statement of faith), you know something is off. When you can’t say the code words for we prefer sin over God (according to Romans 1:28-32), you start wondering if the hysteria is truly on the side of those who use the code words. Maybe it’s really on the side of those who don’t like the code words. They really do need to calm down. Code words don’t split churches; it’s those trying to suppress the code words that split churches.

And speaking of theological matters, I’m almost done with the “thoughts while reading Scripture” idea I had a while back. What started as a two-week experiment turned into a month-long journey. I’m pretty pleased and pretty humbled at the same time. Look for more next week.

Oh, as an aside, those commenting rules are coming along nicely. But I thought I’d put this one up here anyway: There will be no commercial advertising allowed in any form. I just deleted one, and I will delete all subsequent attempts to advertise commercially. You may plug your blog, your website, your church, your theology, etc. (within reason, of course), but you may not attempt to sell vacations, cruises, time-shares, carbon offsets, Viagra, or anything else deemed commercial advertising by me. Of course, as the owner of this blog, I reserve the right to “sell” anything I like. Hey, it’s my blog; if you don’t like it, go get your own.

Yes, my NCAA bracket is busted. And I thought I’d made some good picks this year too. Oh well.

Finally, I’m going to close with the famous words of Mr. Frank “Centuri0n” Turk: Spend the Lord’s day in the Lord’s house with the Lord’s people.

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  1. Tee
    March 16, 2007 at 11:23 am

    AWW, about your hearing aids. Now you have a greater appreciation of what the truly silent world goes through everyday.

    Code words?? Did I miss something? What are the code words are you talking about.

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