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Over the next week we will be slow posting. For some reason WordPress is not showing my “widgets” in the sidebars. While I try to figure out what is going on I might swap templates a few times in attempts to “unstick” the blog. So we might not see Tennessee orange for a while. So enjoy the less garish look of the blog for the time being.

UPDATE: Seems a two-column format is the only thing that is working right now. All the 3-column templates are wonky, according to other WordPress users, and it didn’t happen until today. I like this template, though, and may stick to it unless I see something else. So enjoy the lack of Tennessee orange while it lasts!

UPDATE 2: WordPress has fixed the problem. I’ve decided to go back to a 3-column format. This time, however, I’m picking softer colors for the time being. I thought you might enjoy something a little easier on your eyes. Perhaps I will use the orange template for football season from now on!

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