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For this week’s Weekend Wonderings, I submit to you Joe Thorn’s post on a subject that has touched many of us: So You’re Thinking of Being a Pastor? In this post Joe gives 10 items of advice to those considering becoming a minister, and a pastor in particular. He also includes what he feels is required reading for those considering the pastorate. His ten points:

  1. Don’t.
  2. Go to a liberal arts college.
  3. Get the best theological and ministry training possible.
  4. Check with your wife.
  5. Check with your church.
  6. Determine your calling.
  7. Pray.
  8. Talk to pastors you respect.
  9. Read. A lot.
  10. Get Real.

Go read Joe’s post to see how he fleshes out each of these points and the required reading included. To see his follow-up post in which he clarifies some misconceptions some readers had, read this: Called to the Ministry?

This is good blogging fodder, and I think it will make for a couple of posts in the next week. Few people understand the season in my life when I struggled with “the call.” Perhaps it would be good for me to “explain myself.” Meanwhile, enjoy the post, and spend the Lord’s Day in fellowship with other believers at the congregation in which God has placed you!

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