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Weekend Wonderings

I love Tominthebox News Network. Ever since Purgatorio went on (permanent?) hiatus, I have had cravings for good Christian humor. Third-rate stuff like Mark Lowry and Dennis Swanberg, as chuckle-inducing as they can be, just doesn’t do it for me. Tominthebox has filled that gap nicely.

So it is with a side split wide open, tears of laughter flowing freely, and a drink spit all over my desk that I present to you the first of this weekend’s Wonderings. No excerpt will ever do it justice. All I’m gonna say is that, if it is the real thing, human gullibility has just reached a hilarious new low. Just go read it here and try not to wake the dead.

A second Wondering is from the distinguished president of the seminary of which I am a graduate. Dr. Albert Mohler tells us about a book I wish I had as a kid, The Dangerous Book For Boys. I would have loved it. I spent many a night staying up past my bedtime reading (cover to cover, of course) my Boy Scout Handbook and similar books. I may just order it this weekend for Stephen III (who will be affectionately known as Trey).

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  1. Aunt Janet
    May 29, 2007 at 8:41 pm

    Someone who loves you very much remembers your sweet face in your Cub Scout uniform and your dog-eared Boy Scout handbook.

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