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A Quick Update

A few quick hits for the weekend, since I will be busy (which means no Weekend Wonderings this week, unless I post something when I get home from work tomorrow morning):

Our church, Louisville Baptist Deaf Church, is having a joint service with Deer Park Baptist Church this Sunday, June 3 at 10:30 AM. We rent space from Deer Park, and every year we have a joint service and potluck with the hearing church as a show of fellowship and unity. Our Senior Pastor, Tim Bender, has returned from two weeks working with the World Congress of Deaf Baptists in the Ukraine and Hungary. Pastor Tim will be preaching this year’s joint service. Feel free to come in and see hearing and Deaf brothers and sisters worshipping the Lord together!

The Kentucky Baptist Conference of the Deaf (KBCD) is coming up next weekend, June 8-10. I will be out of the house during that time and unable to post. I mentioned to Timmy that I was thinking about live-blogging for the very first time ever while at KBCD, but I don’t know if the place will have wi-fi. I could still blog the conference (and likely will) and post here the following week. Part of my mission in ministry is to bring greater awareness of Deaf ministry to our hearing counterparts and to foster partnership and cooperation between the two cultures. Perhaps blogging the conference could be a step towards that.

At the request of my grandmother, I’m going to attempt in the next week before KBCD to finally get caught up on my sermons. As you can see at the top of my right sidebar, my next scheduled sermon is from Romans 2:12-16. I actually got ahead of myself and made up a sermon for Romans 2:17-24, but I had forgotten that v. 12-16 was a two-parter. However, I have only posted sermons up to Romans 1:16. By my count, that means I have to post 10 sermons in the upcoming week. I got my work cut out for me.

In other news, Tricia and I are shopping for a car. Some of you might remember our apartment complex experienced severe flooding last September, and my car was one of the casualties. The story on that is here. Well, it gave up the ghost around October or November, and we’ve been trying to put together a down payment for a car. But since my wife had been out of work (she worked for a temp agency, and we all know how reliable those are), this was next to impossible. But she has recently found a job of a more permanent nature, and since it is second shift, we are going to have to jump-start the car-buying process. We were hoping to take our time a bit longer, but it seems the Lord may have other plans. Please pray for wisdom for us during this time.

Lastly, I implore you in Christ to spend the Lord’s day with the congregation of which you are a member in worship and praise!

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