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Reintroducing: Said @ Southern

I almost forgot. Today is the official re-launch of Said @ Southern Seminary. The biggest move is from Blogger to its own domain, and a neat new template has been installed. At last count, S@S was compiling 85+ feeds from the blogs of students, faculty, and alumni of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. The writings of some of the best theological minds in the world (our faculty) and those whom they have taught (our students and alumni) can be perused there. A brief sampling of the Southern blogosphere (mostly off the top of my head) includes:

Timmy Brister
Tony Kummer
Rick Mansfield
Owen Strachan
Andrew Lindsey
Trevin Wax
Matthew Perry

Yours truly, Stephen Newell
Joe Thorn
Steve McCoy
Denny Burk
Nathan Finn
Steve Weaver
Scott Slayton

Albert Mohler
Hershael York
Russell Moore
Michael Haykin
David Sills

And that, dear readers, is a pretty big nutshell, spanning at least three generations of Southern Baptists.

There is one faculty member that I wish would blog. His blog would likely be one of the most read in the “Christ-blogging” world. The professor of whom I speak is none other than Dr. Bruce Ware. If he would condescend to seriously blog, even if it was just two or three times a month, I wholeheartedly believe they would be the most-read blogposts in the Southern Seminary blogosphere. And I use the word condescend purposefully. In this day and age when everyone has an opinion and seeks to publish it, the wise blogger recognizes that when men like Dr. Ware speak, the only God-honoring recourse is to listen. And learn. And repent.

And with that on my wish list for Said @ Southern, I invite you to peruse the feeds and be encouraged and inspired by some of the best and brightest young (and older) minds our flagship seminary has to offer.

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