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Before the hiatus begins in earnest, I’d like to take a moment to post this blog’s disclaimers. These disclaimers were written in an effort to prevent any unnecessary and unhelpful upsetness that may arise from the opinions, commentary, and exegesis that I have posted in the past or may post in the future. These disclaimers are provided in the spirit and goal of biblical fellowship and unity. A permanent link to these has been set at the top of my left sidebar.


  • The opinions, commentary, and Scriptural exegesis that appear on this blog are totally personal, from my own mind and study, and do not necessarily reflect the stated beliefs of Louisville Baptist Deaf Church (LBDC), nor do they reflect the policies of United Parcel Service (UPS).
  • This blog is done entirely on my own time on my own computer, using internet service which I alone have paid for. Neither LBDC nor UPS finance any part of this blog outside of the salary I draw from them for the work they have hired me to do, and no part of this blog has been written on LBDC or UPS computers.
  • Any and all personal disagreements with the content of this blog should, in the spirit of Matthew 18:15-20, be directed to me alone at the e-mail address listed on the About page. Any violation of this specific disclaimer will bring serious doubt as to the integrity of your disagreement until you approach me personally.
  • All sermons, commentary, Scriptural exegesis, etc. posted here are the intellectual property of J. Stephen Newell, Jr. or the named author thereof. You may use them as sermon or lesson preparation material only. Any who use this material without permission or word for word will have to give an account for their actions to God Almighty, who knows and sees all that we do.
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