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A Quick Update

I know I said posting would be sporadic while the blog is on a brief hiatus, but that hiatus might be getting a smidgen longer. You see, my DSL modem conked out, and at home I only have dial-up as a backup, which does not work very well. Someone in our complex has wireless, but there is no way for me to connect into it since they have not given permission and it is password protected. I am currently at my mother-in-law’s taking advantage of her wireless on my laptop. So until either the modem is fixed or I get a new modem, it may be a while before you see anything new beyond this post.

In other news, Tricia and I have decided to move. We have been having a lot of maintenance issues at our apartment, and it seems like it’s just one thing after another. Most recently our refrigerator has been dying/fixed/dying/fixed on a repeated basis, even though we were told the fridge would be replaced. We’ve had to throw out all of our food (it spoiled on us), and we are currently hanging out at the mom-in-law’s to eat or going out to eat until we can have a stable refrigerator. Also, all the plumbing in our apartment is connected, and that means when something gets backed up it affects the entire system. For example, if we run the dishwasher, if there is a clog we run the risk of backing up the toilet! Our toilet has catastrophically overflowed twice due to the way everything is connected, and I am afraid this has caused mold to start growing underneath the bathroom and hallway floor which may be spreading. I don’t need to explain how much of a health hazard this is. It could explain several things about us health-wise the past couple of months. Rather than be displaced and out of food, etc. while the complex drags its feet, we prefer to move to somewhere better and more “stable.” We will lose our deposit on our current apartment, but our health and living needs are more important than a $100 deposit. Especially with developments that are upcoming. Please pray for wisdom in planning this move.

One other update-related item. At work at UPS, there has been some shuffling going on in our department. Both of my “senior” partners for my area in the training department have left. One was reassigned to a new area to cover, another left for another department. So now I and my other “junior” partner are the HCIC, the “Head Christians in Charge.” We have two other supervisors assigned to us as part of the shuffle, including one who is new to the department. I’d like to ask for your prayers as we work out how to divide the responsibilities and oversee our area well. A good job on my part will make it easier to move to better jobs at UPS in the future. This is the thing I am focusing on at UPS, as alluded to in my hiatus post.

So now those of you who seem to think I meant I am not working at UPS can calm down. 😉

So, enjoy your 4th of July, and hopefully afterwards we at The Silent Holocron will be once again fully functional!

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