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Blog Redecorating

While I work on the first post on infant salvation, I have taken the time to redecorate a little bit. Nothing serious, as I’m not that big of a web designer. I haven’t really taken the time to familiarize myself with WordPress enough to do what I used to do with Blogger where templates are concerned.  All I’ve done is add a new Books page and a little bit of color.  Not too much color, just enough to reflect the fact that…

It’s Football Time In Tennessee!!!

The season officially starts (at least for Tennessee people) next Saturday, September 1 at 8:00 PM. Tennessee plays at California on ABC. I’m trying to figure out what rock the media has been under — I just found out today that the Vols are a 5-point underdog. Are we in the same plane of reality? It will be a good game, but Tennessee will once again prove too much for Cal. It will be good to get some manic exercise again as I frequently jump off the couch loudly protesting the referees. I’ll also be continuing a family tradition I started of ordering Pizza Hut for the ballgame. It will be a good in utero introduction to the joys of Tennessee football for our yet-to-be-born clone trooper.

Another thing I’m trying to figure out is why Louisville — who demolished West Virginia and won the Orange Bowl, and who returns nearly every important piece of their team this season including the nation’s best quarterback in Brian Brohm — barely made the AP Top 10 and didn’t even make the USA Today Top 10 in the preseason rankings. West Virginia, by contrast, is 3rd in the AP and 6th in the USA Today. That’s just, in the words of Vizzini, “inconceivable!” (Bonus points to anyone who has seen or read The Princess Bride.) But then again this is the same Louisville team that got pushed out of the top 5 after winning the Orange Bowl.

It will be good to get away from all the “practice” games being played right now and get to the real thing. Here’s hoping all of you enjoy College Football 2008 as much as I plan to. May God be glorified in every pass, punt, and kick you watch!

                                    Tennessee Volunteers                                      Louisville Cardinals

The Silent Holocron proudly supports the Tennessee Volunteers first above all and the Louisville Cardinals second.

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  1. August 24, 2007 at 9:57 pm

    Its very orange. A little Husker red might help 😉

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