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Weekend Wonderings: On The Lake

As an update, I recently received a providential gift: we got our camera working again! Didn’t even have to pay for it. Our camera (Kodak EasyShare P850) was for some reason refusing to read memory cards. We couldn’t afford to have it repaired even under warranty (which has since expired), so it has sat in its case for most of this year. In an ironic turnaround of Murphy’s Law, this week I was fiddling with it while preparing to try and transfer the pics on its internal memory. On a whim, I swapped out memory cards, and wonder of wonders it read the card! Usually Murphy shows up after the warranty expires. Joy and relief flooded our apartment, since now we won’t have to budget a new camera or beg/borrow/steal one to document our Baby Newell experiences. God was gracious. So you can expect more photos to be appearing on a Silent Holocron near you.

With this weekend’s Wondering, I bring you a photo snapped by my wife’s Sidekick II while on her uncle’s houseboat. We went to Cumberland Lake at the end of July and had a very restful and fun weekend with my in-laws.

And now, with no further ado, the picture Tricia took:


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