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Me on Marriage

Or, “My Own Wedding Sermon Kicks My Can Around.”

I thought it would be a good time to link all of the posts I’ve written about my wedding liturgy on one post. This liturgy outlines what I believe about marriage. I have been developing a whole perspective for premarital and marriage counseling based on this liturgy, and the theology of marriage revealed by the liturgy will continue to be fleshed out for years to come, especially as the Lord begins to conform me to what he revealed in Scripture and I attempted to codify here.

The reason for reposting these? I read them last night for the first time since my wedding. I had preached them twice previously at the first two weddings I’d ever done, and then had the great honor of having my pastor preach it at our wedding. After reading them, they totally kicked my butt. I ought to be making this thing a monthly read as an accountability check to how good a husband I’ve been. My solace is in knowing that I didn’t reach this stage of Christian maturity in a day, and likewise I won’t become a biblical husband in a day, either. It’s a good reminder to roll up my sleeves, get some chalk from the rosin, and love Tricia, dagnabit. 😉

Here’s the goods:

A Biblical Liturgy of Marriage
Part 1
Part 2: Role of the Wife
Part 3: Role of the Husband
Part 4: Mutuality of Marriage
Part 5: The Pledges of Marriage

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