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An Update

As of today, everything internet-related is on hold. The ‘Cron is going to be truly “Silent” for a while. You might remember that a few months ago I experienced a modem failure and had it replaced. Well, the replacement is failing as well. Something wrong with the ethernet connection in it, as far as I can determine. None of the other connections on it work either. And as such, I have become fed up. This is not a good thing for those who tend to pay bills online. It is time for a change.

We will be switching to Insight over the next week. My pastor found that they apparently offer a deal in which you can get your cable, phone, and internet for $100 a month. That is considerably less than I currently pay to get them separately from Insight (cable) and BellSouth, now AT&T (phone and internet).

I am currently confined to my laptop, which restricts all internet activity to wireless at places like Heine Bros. Coffee or my mother-in-law’s. Since I haven’t used this thing extensively since graduating from Southern, it is in need of some serious updating, virus scanning, etc.

When we return, I will be finishing the mini-series on hospitality, getting back to the series on infant salvation, and looking to resume the ongoing Deaf ministry posts. In the meantime, avail yourselves of the blogroll in the left sidebar. You will always find food for though and sanctification among my daily reads!

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