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This Wild and Wacky College Football Season

It’s official. Hell froze over this year.

A 2-loss team (at minimum) will play for the SEC title this year. And that 2-loss team will actually have more than 2 losses overall. With Georgia’s thumping of Florida and Tennessee’s squeaker over South Carolina, nothing is sacred this year. We could even see a 3-loss SEC team in the title game! Wonder of wonders.

Thankfully, though, Tennessee is in charge of its destiny. All the Vols have to do is win out. But unless the defense starts showing up in the second half, that’s not gonna happen. Who is left? Let’s see…Arkansas. Vanderbilt. Kentucky. None of these teams inspire confidence that there will be an easy win. When Vanderbilt is no longer a gimme on the schedule, you know you are in the roughest, toughest, rootin’-tootin’-high-falutin’ football conference on God’s green earth.

Fortunately for the Vols, they have a cupcake in Louisiana-Lafayette next week to pound out a few serious dents in their game. This disturbing trend of looking like a world beater in the first half and then disappearing after halftime has got to stop. They need to play like they did against Georgia every game. Look at their losses. They were ahead or in the game at halftime, then just disintegrated after the half. Disgusting. Here’s hoping Fulmer and Co. finally pound it into the players’ thick skulls that football is a 60-minute game, not a 30-minute game. FINISH!

To the many who have hollered each time I have labelled Florida as overrated, I simply got three words for you. “Come get some.” It is past time for you to eat your crow. And I’ve got a nice, warm Humble Pie in the oven for you. Tim Tebow, obviously injured on his non-throwing shoulder, finally had to play like a real quarterback. And he failed miserably. He continues to be unimpressive as a passer and manager of the game. Makes me wonder what would have happened had Tennessee’s defense actually shown up in the second half. Face it, Gator fans. Your team has been nothing but lucky, and this year their luck has run out.

Also on the overrated side of things, Southern Cal lost again. Is it just me, or is the rest of the Pac-10 finally realizing there’s nothing to be scared of? I am relieved there will be no whining about USC getting shafted this year. They simply aren’t that good.

…To Boston College. You guys were the first team to actually hang on to your hats after being thrust into the title spotlight. You’re now my pick to play Ohio State, assuming OSU wins out.

…To Arizona State. You finally beat a somebody. Beat Oregon next week and we’ll talk about your Top-5 worthiness.

…Connecticut. I think you are cheaters and your coach is the worst sport in the world after your win over Louisville. But you played well in knocking off South Florida. Enjoy it while you can; West Virginia is coming.

…Georgia. You made glaringly clear what I’ve been saying all along: Florida is overrated. There, I said it again: overrated. What’s that? Yes, I really did say overrated. Get used to it. And last but not least…

…Louisville senior quarterback Brian Brohm. If humans were to be worshipped, I’d worship you for giving up millions to play one more season in your hometown, and having very reachable dreams dashed by a defense that isn’t worth a wooden nickel. You are a class act, and any team that passes you up in the draft is simply insane.

Special props go to my mother-in-law Barb because she actually gets all this football stuff. God blessed me with a mom-in-law who actually understands. Football Saturdays are fun when I can’t be with my family because of her. Thank you, Jesus. 😉

And with that, I’m going to church. Shouldn’t you?

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