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Towards a Statement of Faith for Deaf Churches

I have decided to post a Statement of Faith that I wrote a few months ago. This statement of faith is very basic and is intended to be used in a Deaf ministry context. You can access it via the link here or at the top of the page.

This statement of faith is also intended to be a foundational document for a Deaf church. It was originally written at the request of my church’s Ministry Team to serve as our church plant’s SoF when I was interim pastor. Any Deaf churches who would like to use this statement have my permission to do so. I only ask that you e-mail me or link back to this post to let me know you are using it. My e-mail can be accessed on my About page.

 This statement is written in very simple language, with most of the theological terms spelled out for ease of reading and understanding.  It can be adopted by churches of many denominations; they will only have to make changes to reflect their denominational theology.  I make no apologies whatsoever for the very Southern Baptist leanings of this statement!

I think that once the infant salvation series is complete, I will blog through the statement, one article a week. That would be a good countdown to when the baby is born! Also, keep in mind that I am in the process of adding Scripture references to each article, so please do not write in demanding “proof” for each article!

Enjoy the statement, and I hope you will contribute to each post in the new series!

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