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Book Sale Alarm!

For those of you living in Louisville, I want to sound an alarm for a book sale. If you didn’t already know, Berean Christian Store on Shelbyville Road (formerly Wellspring, for those of you who’ve been around that long) is having a sale. Bibles and Bible reference books and much more are on sale for as much as half off. Case in point:

The MacArthur Bible Commentary I got this book there today while browsing with my wife for some Bible study tools. Now, the retail price on this baby is $40 give or take, depending on where you get it. It is on sale for half off, or $19.97. That is a steal! We quickly absconded with it and it will be a prominent part of what will become our home library. See, since I’m moving my library to church to make room for baby stuff, I decided we needed a small home library with some of the basic tools I suggested in this post, since I won’t have my books here. I do need to be able to have some reference tools for sermon prep, and I’d like my wife to be able to look things up for herself without having to ask me.

Berean also has several Bible handbooks, dictionaries, concordances, church histories, systematic theologies, etc. on sale as well. I saw a handbook and dictionary I’d like but can’t quite bring myself to spend money on. Especially when that money is going towards baby and tithe.

I find Berean to be much nicer than Family Christian Bookstore. It’s a lot like a smaller version of a regular Lifeway, right down to the website, minus the denominational affiliation. They certainly have a better selection of reference tools and “serious” Christian books (read: theology) than FCB, which seems to cater almost exclusively to fluff Christianity. Berean has an entire corner of the store dedicated to Bibles and another whole corner dedicated to “serious” books like the reference tools (including pastor/staff tools, etc.) and theology books, whereas FCB only has one wall of Bibles and one rack of “serious” books. The rest is fluff. If you have to go “Christian book shopping” after Lifeway on campus is closed, and you don’t want to deal with the Hurstbourne traffic to get to the big Lifeway, go to Berean.

If you plan to frequent Berean this weekend, it is on Shelbyville Road. From the seminary, go as if you were going to the malls. Berean is just past Trinity High School behind Papa John’s Pizza on the left but just before the light in front of all those car dealers.

I don’t know how long the sale will last, but you might want to drop in this weekend!

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