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Survival…and a Fun Day

Well, I survived the day from hell. It went surprisingly smoothly. The only thing I didn’t do that day was get the packing boxes, as my wife insisted that I go to bed when we got home from the baby appointment. So all in all I got about 4 hours of sleep and was functioning when I went to work at UPS Friday night.

That night was probably the easiest night of training I’ve ever had. We did all the usual stuff we do, but with the work area virtually deserted except for housekeeping due to the early hour (6 PM), I was able to get my entire training group up close and personal with their work area and demonstrate their job methods. I felt I was able to thoroughly explain and demonstrate the job for the first time ever, instead of dragging it out piecemeal over the training week. Also, not having any machinery running meant I could hear my people clearly instead of relying almost solely on oral communication (not to be confused with hearing their voices). I wish every night of training could be that easy. I need to tell my boss that, maybe UPS can change all the new hire training classes to 6 PM. I know, I know, wishful thinking!

The department Christmas party was a lot of fun. Good food, good fellowship. My partners and I talked about camping and hunting, and I shared with them a wilderness survival trip I did while in Boy Scouts, where I got to kill a rabbit with my bare hands, clean it with a pocketknife, and cook it over a fire. Scouts’s honor, I (and my fellow Scouts) actually did do in Bugs with our bare hands! The white elephant gifts were fun. I almost came away at various points with opportunities to pay off my student loans in one fell swoop, as I first came into possession of 5 scratch-off tickets worth a potential total of $2.5 million and later after having them taken getting a Powerball ticket (jackpot of, I think, $25 million to $30 million), which also ended up getting taken. You can imagine my expression when I opened those gifts and found those tickets! I kept thinking, “Lord, are you intending to provide for me in this way? How ironic!” 😉

In the end I ended up with an electronic hand-held game, “20 Questions.” Bleh. It’ll take up residence on our bathroom shelf along with all the other books in there. White elephant parties are fun, but if not for the gag gifts (rubber chicken, Hello Kitty slippers, chocolate body paint, big black plastic cup with the word “PIMP” emblazoned on it in glitter, and a home enema kit, of all things!) people would get the opportunity to at least go home with a nice gift.

I got home at midnight, which is when the work night usually begins for me after doing office work for about an hour. I immediately went to bed and did not get up until 4 PM Saturday. My wife didn’t even bother to wake me, I guess she decided I needed rest more than I needed to pack books.

The Trinity Shamrocks-St. Xavier Tigers state championship football game rocked (no pun intended)! It was one of the best games I have ever seen. It looked for a while Trinity would shellack St. X, thus avenging a regular season loss to their bitter crosstown rival, but then St. X reeled off 21 straight points to take a 28-21 halftime lead when a botched snap during a field goal try was converted into a touchdown at the buzzer. Then the second half was a comedy of errors, turnover after turnover by both teams. And then Trinity made a crucial stop on 4th and 1 at the goal line, and the game turned. After missing two attempts to tie the game with turnovers, Trinity came up with a big stop with 2 minutes left in the game and promptly marched down the field and scored to send the game into overtime. They then intercepted the St. X quarterback and scored dramatically on a fullback dive over the line from the 1-yard line to win 34-28 and win their 18th KY state championship. What a game!

Now, having my sleep schedule thrown off like that meant I got absolutely no sleep that night, so I went to church running on fumes. I did, however, sleep all afternoon, after which our church had our annual “Mary & Joseph” dinner. That’s an interesting church tradition where we eat the kinds of food Mary and Joseph would have eaten back then, mostly fruit, nuts, bread, vegetables, etc. We update it a smidgen by allowing desserts like cookies and cake, and soft drinks as well. Tricia and I promptly went home and to bed afterwards.

Now for the fun day. I got up today and spent the entire afternoon with my new brother Terry Delaney, whom I’ve linked to in the sidebar. We had lunch at Founders’ Cafe and got to know each other a bit more than just through our blogs! I had offered to make a blank Bible for him as a Christmas gift, since I’d been wanting to give one away and believed the Lord ahd been leading to give him one. It was some of the best fellowship I’ve ever had at Southern. We hung out from 11 until about 3:30 for lunch and building the blank Bible together, jawing about everything we possibly could think of in that limited time! I really believe I have found another kindred spirit, and I’m thankful that God brought Terry and his family to Louisville.

I find myself wondering why it is just now that I am developing all these good relationships. Why didn’t these things happen while I was still a student? Why now, when I’m graduated and not really in the thick of seminary life anymore? As I thought about it, I realized that none of the people I knew during the thick of my years at Southern were “like me” in their lives. I could not really relate to people effectively. Being Deaf was also a big barrier. Now, on the other hand, I blog, and through my blog I have met lots of students who have come that are in similar life situations as I am. We are able to talk to each other and share our lives and ministries with each other almost without prejudice or bias. We get to know each other somewhat, which lays a foundation that only gets built upon in real life.

Blogging has brought the seminary community together in ways that before might not have been possible. I probably would never have interacted with people like Timmy Brister and other SBTS bloggers I’ve met if we only had classes together and that was it. We certainly don’t run in the same circles, since I spend most of my “free” time in the Deaf world! But through our blogs, like-minded seminarians and alumni have been able to network and fellowship, and more often than not that fellowship has been extremely sweet. Those “lifetime friendships” people always talk about? Blogging helped those become reality for me and many others.

Well, now that a busy week and weekend have ended, we can return and wrap up a loose end that has been dangling for a month or more now. We will finish the infant salvation series before Christmas, possibly even before the week is up. Join us soon for a year-ending Silent Holocron series!

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