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Intro to Reading the Puritans

As a rider to my last post, I’d like to point you towards Tony Reinke’s excellent 13-part series entitled The Puritan Study.

While Tony’s series is primarily centered around building a library of Puritan writers, there are some great tips on how to read the Puritans scattered throughout each post. A quick-look of topics covered in the series include:

  • Benefits and difficulties of reading/studying the Puritans
  • CD-ROM compilations vs. print titles
  • The importance of using a KJV Bible while reading the Puritans
  • Utilizing print and electronic resources
  • How to quote the Puritans
  • How to build a Puritan library

He also includes several reviews of full sets of Puritan literature.

I hope you’ll spend the rest of the year going through Tony’s series in preparation for Timmy’s “Puritan-a-Month” challenge!

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