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Sunday Update and Christmas Hiatus

I’ve updated the blog once again. This time I’ve added a Resources and Links page to the site index. I’ve moved all of what were my “Links,” “Deaf Links,” and “Southern Baptist Links” to its own page and organized them into a better sorting. This will allow my site to grow while not taking up space on the front (home) page. That benefits you by allowing the front page to load faster, barring any pics I may have posted. It also benefits both of us by putting all my resources in one easy-to-access space instead of fumbling around the sidebar for it.

On the new page, everything has been divided into the following categories:

  • Deaf Links
  • Southern Baptist Links
  • Churches and Ministries
  • Other Resources and Links

This will allow me to quickly classify and organize any links that don’t go on the front page, as well as allow for future growth as more resources are incorporated into my online toolbox.

I’ve decided to retain the “Links” category in the sidebar; however I will be using it almost solely for links I deem to be too important not to be immediately accessible on the front page. Obviously, I think Dave Ramsey is big enough a deal that I’d like my readers to be able to go directly to his site. Sluggy Freelance remains as the only comic I read online. Also remaining are the obligatory WordPress links.

I’ve also added Moleskine Notebooks as well, as I procured my first Moleskine journal yesterday. I mentioned in a previous post that I was planning to consciously practice personal spiritual disciplines for the coming year 2008; getting better organized is one not-so-spiritual discipline that I will be learning alongside them. Pastor Joe Thorn seems to have made Moleskine (as well as running) popular among the faithful of my generation as a way to get organized, and with the events of 2007 that I’ve experienced I felt it was time I got on the train. I’m going to spend the rest of the year learning to use Moleskine as my primary means of organization. Yes, Grandmother, “Moleskine” seems to be both the singular and plural form of the word.

Related to the Moleskine purchase, either tomorrow or Tuesday I will post the final installment of the infant salvation series and a Christmas greeting no later than Wednesday. That will be the only blogging I will do for the rest of the year. I will make no further posts until after the New Year unless an update is needed (for the family and close friends, of course). I will be “unplugging” as much as possible for the holidays, getting online only to check e-mail, pay bills, and to read a couple of friends. By “unplugging” I mean intentionally ignoring all electronic forms of media such as the computer, cell phone (though we Deaf people don’t use cell phones per se), pager, laptop, etc. I will not touch the computer for any reason other than the ones stated above unless I have work to do (such as typing out a sermon). My goal will be to limit my online presence to only one hour per day for the remainder of the year. “Unplugging” is something else pastor Thorn has made popular these days. He’s getting to be a very influential man. 😉

I hope that today finds you remembering to spend this day in the Lord’s house with the rest of your spiritual family. Don’t forget to give your final tithes and offerings of the year, only 2 Sundays left! May God richly bless you with his marvelous grace!

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