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Out of Pocket

I’ll be out of pocket for a while. Either the City of Louisville or my apartment management decided to be dumb and have sewer work done today. They shut off the water and then proceeded to dig right through the power main, so we are without power and water while they fix it. Geniuses that they are, apparently Sunday afternoon when everyone is home watching the NFL playoffs, cooking, doing homework, getting ready for school/church/etc. is the perfect time to be doing this stuff. Not 11 am Monday morning after all the kids are in school and most of the adults are away at work. We’re just hoping we don’t have to throw out the food in our fridge again.

I write this on my laptop at the mother-in-law’s place. It needed updating, anyway. Hopefully this week I’ll have something of substance up. Meanwhile, enjoy the week and take up the Puritan Challenge 2008!

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