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Important Puritan Challenge Update!

Now that power has been restored to the Deaf Jedi Temple, let me quickly point you to a Puritan Challenge 2008 update.

Timmy Brister has given us a major update on this year’s Puritan Challenge. If you have decided to join the challenge, Timmy requests that you add your name to what is now the “official” list of those participating by clicking on the button below (or in the sidebar) and leaving a comment with your first and last name.

Join the Puritan Challenge 2008!

By joining you will be “on the list” so Timmy can be aware of those who are involved and/or posting on this challenge, possibly (he didn’t say) be included in a compilation at some point, and be eligible for this month’s gift in the Puritan Challenge’s monthly giveaway (see details on the above linked post).

Also included in Timmy’s update are his intentions for posting regarding the challenge and a heads-up on some great discounts that are being offered for those participating in the challenge. Again, go sign up for the challenge on this post over at Timmy’s blog and take advantage of the discounts to get your Puritan Paperbacks, if you haven’t already! Otherwise you can order them from most of the places in my Books page. In fact, if you order them from here, do it from the Monergism Books button in the sidebar and support my reading habit — I get store credit for every click on the button!

A few days ago, I wrote that I plan to give a brief bio at the beginning of each month on the Puritan we are reading, and hopefully a short synopsis (which I currently plan to find from an outside source) of the month’s book. After I finish each book, I will post a review here in which I will (1) review the book, (2) give my personal reflections, (3) explore ministry application, and (4) give recommendations for readers from the content (a sort of brief devotional).

It’s my hope that this challenge will also spur readers of this blog to take up the Puritan Challenge as well and begin reading books that actually are good for the Christian’s health! Don’t wait — sign up for the Puritan Challenge 2008 today!

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