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Important Puritan Reading Challenge Update!

Timmy Brister has just informed us of a schedule change to the 2008 Puritan Reading Challenge (see sidebar for more info). Here’s the skinny:

Many of you (I am told around 300) have purchased the P&P special from RHB which includes all twelve Puritan Paperbacks in a set. Well, not quite all twelve. As you know, Thomas Brooks’ book, Precious Remedies Against Satan’s Devices, has been sold out and back-ordered for a couple of months. While I have been informed that they are close to filling those orders in the near future, it appears that the books will not be available in time for the beginning of April which is the month dedicated to reading Brooks. Therefore, I have decided to make a schedule change.

Here’s the deal: For the month of April, instead of reading Brooks’ Precious Remedies, we are going to read Jeremiah Burroughs’ The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment which was slated for August. In August, we will then read Brooks.

Make sense?

Please help me get the word out on this. There are so many people from so many corners of the internet that I cannot possibly connect with everyone. So if you can, please help me get this announcement out. I am looking forward to digging into Burroughs next month with you as we learn about great gain of godliness with contentment.

I hope that, if you have not already, you will take up the Puritan Reading Challenge! Click the button in the sidebar for details!

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