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New Blog Feature: “Beliefbusters”

Most of my readers likely have seen the fantastic Discovery Channel show Mythbusters. The premise of the show is the Mythbusters team takes on popular beliefs, urban legends, and myths and attempts to show whether or not the myths are true. This has made for one of the most informative and fun-filled television shows around. For several months I have been toying with the idea of doing a similar feature here at The Silent Holocron that I will call Beliefbusters.

Beliefbusters was inspired in part by learning, for the first time, that a belief I had held unquestionably was nowhere to be found in Scripture. This experience led to a critical examination of many of the things I had “grown up” (in 16 years as a Christian) believing, and finding the vast majority of them to be without Biblical warrant. Purging many of these popular beliefs, traditions, and outright “Christian myths” left me with only Scripture and my seminary education to fall back on. You see, for most of my seven years at SBTS I had simply cruised in an “absorb the knowledge” mode, rather than applying all I had learned. Then about one or two years into being an associate pastor at my church I began to see the links between what I believed and what I practiced. Slowly I began to learn to apply the training in hermeneutics and interpretation I had received. I began to merge together the information I had learned from my classes with the Christianity I had carried into seminary. The results have in some cases been jaw-dropping for me. All of the results have resulted in a much greater appreciation for what it means to “stick to Scripture.” And I hope every result has been glorifying to God.

This feature is not an “if-you-don’t-believe-this-you’re-going-to-hell” type of series. Nor is it intended to be argumentative and contrarian. If something that I write about in this feature offends you, I encourage you to let me know privately at the e-mail address referenced in my About page. If you’d like to dialogue on something I’ve written, or simply think I’m wrong, then I greatly encourage you to leave a comment so we can continue the discussion and let “iron sharpen iron” (Proverbs 27:17). If you attempt to use what I’ve written to attack me personally, you will quite simply be ignored. This is a place for brothers and sisters to come together to improve each other in the faith, not to tear down the body!

I would like to encourage my readers to let me know of “Christian myths” they would like to see examined in this feature. Any and all submissions will be considered. Again, you may send your submissions to the email address on the “About” page.

Now, tomorrow we will take a look at the first belief in this feature: Lucifer is Satan.

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