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Curses, Tagged Again!

Well, it seems I’ve been tagged by Terry to do a reading meme. You gotta answer 5 questions:

  1. What are you reading on Spring reading days?
  2. What do you wish you had time to read?
  3. What have you decided NOT to read that you were assigned to read?
  4. What is one great quote from your reading?
  5. Why are you blogging? (You’re supposed to be reading!)

So here are, I guess, my answers.

1. I am reading Jeremiah Burroughs’ The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment, as well as working on What Love Is This? by Dave Hunt, and trying to finish Eric Van Lustbader’s The Bourne Legacy.

2. I wish I had time to read Eric Johnson’s Foundations for Soul Care as well as going through a Greek grammar.

3. I haven’t been assigned any reading (I’ve long since graduated, nyah nyah nyah). But I have decided not to try reading through my library until I’ve finished the Puritan Challenge (see sidebar) in hopes of curing the reading ADD I seem to have contracted since graduating from Southern.

4. I have to pick only one? There have been hundreds if not thousands. Okay, let’s try this one from Thomas Watson’s The Godly Man’s Picture (p. 201): “If men were not besotted, if their fall had not knocked their brains out, they would see that it is the most rational thing in the world to become godly.”

5. I’m blogging because I just got home from work and needed to wind down.

Okay, people to tag. I tag Ryan Hall, David Graves, Rick Mansfield, Scott Lamb, and Tim Ellsworth.

There, now I’ve satisfied the taggers. Now I am off to bed to get some much needed rest before tackling What Love Is This?

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