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Intro to Deaf Ministry: Methodology, Part 1

Steve Dye, my partner in Deaf ministry crime, has put up his first contribution to a blog series we’ve been discussing for some time. Entitled Deaf Ministry 101: Music and Visual Aids, Steve tackles part of the methodology of modern Deaf ministry. Many of you who are hearing might find this intriguing, so I encourage you to read it. Steve provides a glimpse into why such tools as Powerpoint are a help, rather than a hindrance, to worship. Having interacted in the past with some who were utterly unable to understand this (due to what I think is a faulty understanding of the regulative principle as well as a little theological hubris on their part), and as such rejected the use of Powerpoint in Deaf worship; Steve’s post is a breath of encouragement. An excerpt:

Now the question is…after hearing about all the options that Deaf churches can us for music and visual aids…the question that may pop up frequently is “Why do Deaf NEED this?”

The answer is really quite simple…Deaf depends on visual because they can’t HEAR. Now some of us like myself and Stephen can hear a little bit but still the visual impact of a song makes the experience much more inspiring to worship. I cannot explain in words how much more my worship has been heightened through the use of visual aids. But then the next question pops up would be, “Isn’t using technology in churches the same as worshipping technology?” No, not really. We appreciate techonology because it helps the worship alot more for Deaf.

As always, read the whole thing.

In my upcoming post on the subject of methodology, I will tackle Deaf preaching methodology.

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