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We’re Baaaaack!!!

After raised blood pressure and a temptation to sin, we have officially dumped AT&T for Insight Broadband for all our household communications: TV, phone, and internet. That’s right, the ‘Cron is now powered by cable internet. BellSouth was a great company until AT&T took over. It’s very sad. But I shed no tears cause we’re saving $30 a month on services.

Blogging will resume tomorrow with a T4G post and then Friday with a Deaf ministry post. Meanwhile, I will be catching up on my Puritan Challenge reading as well as preparing for a collaborative book review for Said @ Southern I am participating in over the summer. Stay tuned for news on that.

Also, I may be cashing in some WordPress credits and getting a domain for this blog so it can stand on its own as my personal website. I’ve had my own website in the past but scrapped it for lack of attention. Since I work on this blog fairly regularly (weekly at the most), it makes sense to use this as my personal homepage from now on. It’s a lot cheaper than shelling out for the domain and server, so I’ll be investigating this for the next week.

In the interim, please pray for me and my family. The ugly Sinus Monster has reared its head and is threatening to lay me low; my wife has a really bad cold and is afraid she may have given it to our 4 month old daughter. Grace may also have started teething, so screaming banshees are conceivably in our future. 😉

Thanks for your patronage and stay tuned for more and hopefully better content from The Silent Holocron!

  1. May 7, 2008 at 9:20 pm

    Welcome back …. you may yet bring balance to the force.

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