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Goal-Setting in Evangelism

I’m posting today just so you know I haven’t been killed by the evil Sith Lord Darth Grace. 😀

Charles Lawless, dean of the Graham School at my alma mater, Southern Seminary, writes in this Baptist Press article something we all ought to read and do. Titled “Evangelism and Goal-Setting,” Dr. Lawless talks about setting goals for personal evangelism, especially for those of us who lead busy lives. He writes:

I am the dean of a school that focuses on missions and evangelism, but evangelism does not always come easy to me. That is surprising to me now, as sharing my faith was quite easy when I was a young believer. In fact, evangelism was never difficult until I became a pastor — when the multiple tasks of ministry seemed to get in the way of evangelism. The more involved I was in leading my church, the less involved I seemed to become in evangelism.

I since have realized that I must intentionally plan evangelism into my life. I have also learned that I am not the only pastor who has to work to keep evangelism at the forefront of his ministry. For me, doing so includes setting personal goals about evangelism.

His goals:

  1. Set a goal for developing relationships with non-believers.
  2. Set a goal for praying for non-believers.
  3. Set a goal for simply speaking about God’s goodness.
  4. Set a goal for sharing the Gospel.
  5. Set a goal for mentoring new believers.

As the Southern Baptist Convention begins to embrace Danny Akin’s call for a “Great Commission Resurgence,” these are quite worthy goals, especially when one reads what Dr. Lawless intends for each goal. Go here and read the whole thing to see what’s up.

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