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Another Quick Update

Here’s a few bullet points for those who have been wondering.

Writer’s Block Status
I have been working on the first “real” post after (hopefully) slaying the evil Sith Lord Darth WriteBlock. It is looking pretty good. As a reminder, I’m going to do a Beliefbusters where I tackle the myth of human free will. Ooo, provocative! I will start posting it on Monday, so it has the weekend to breathe and be revised. It will be done in two parts, as I exceeded 1000 words just a few minutes ago. I’m going to take part 1 tonight to a friend who is much smarter than me and let him critique it, as well as showing it to my wife to make sure I’m not talking over anyone’s head. I like this subject and I hope it brings discussion to this blog!

Work Status
The decision has all but officially been made for me: I need to get my sorry behind into a full-time position, whether at UPS or in a church. I’m going to be talking to my boss tonight and tomorrow as well as my new boss next week about what opportunities there are for me to move into a full-time position within the next year. (For those who may be confused, I’m getting a new boss because UPS encourages management to get a wide breadth of experience, which means at minimum we need to be moving to new departments yearly. Some will choose to stay where they are until the company moves them, and some — like I did — will voluntarily move.) What that means is that I may have to abandon my initial plan to go back to school and get a business degree. If so, that just means school was not the Lord’s plan; at least at this time.

If that angle does not work, I will need to consider looking for full-time ministry employment. This is a very painful option for me to consider. I love my church. I have grown tremendously in the nearly 10 years I have been involved there, and my senior pastor is quite possibly the exact mentor I needed at this point in life. But our church is small and cannot afford two full-time pastors. Several good friends have asked if this means a return to hearing ministry. I am open to the possibility; however I believe God has called me to minister to Deaf people, and it would have to be clearly the will of God before I could consider such a return. Full-time Deaf ministry, for me, would mean leaving Louisville at the very minimum.

The good news on this bullet point is that Tricia is back at work, full-time. The bad news is that means I will be taking care of Grace during the day. This past month has been an experiment in seeing if I can maintain a jovial mood on 3 hours of sleep per day, and then take a nap when Tricia gets home. So far it hasn’t been happening. Thus the need for me to go full-time.

Me Status
I said before that I wanted to take up running. Here’s the update on that. I’m not running…yet. My excuse? It’s just too hot (more humid than hot) and I do not get enough rest at this point to do anything other than take care of Grace during the day (suggestions from the runners out there would be greatly appreciated). So I’m doing the next best thing: I am walking a minimum of 1 mile every day. A group of supervisors in my building are making the nearly mile-long walk back to the parking lot after the sort each night, and I have joined them. That, coupled with walking down to the stores and restaurants at our apartment, and I am averaging at least 7 walking miles, maximum, per week. In work boots (ugh). If I left for work earlier I’m sure I could get that up to at least 12 or 13 (2 miles at work each night plus the extra quarter- to half-milers we do walking to the stores). I have to see if Tee will gladly let me leave an extra hour early. She’d much rather I stayed home and hung out with her until my usual departure time. 😉

As it is, I’m going to actually start running this fall after the humidity goes down; namely around September. Not sure how exactly that’s going to work out, but I will make the time to do it. All the walking I will have done by then should have my legs nice and strong. We are also going to have to start cooking more as well, we eat out too much, which contributes to the problem.

Stone Temple Pilots Status
We will officially be going to the Stone Temple Pilots concert in August! I’m excited and ready to rock. It will be Tricia’s first ever rock concert, and I am off that Friday, so we will have a whole weekend to ourselves. Party hardy rock ‘n’ roll.

Grace Status
Grace is doing well. We do think she has a cold, she has been sneezing a lot this week and is fussier than usual. We also think she will be popping a tooth any day now. So I’m going to close this update with a nice pic for you guys (mouse over the pic for a caption):

I got hold of my footsies!

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  1. Steve Dye
    July 31, 2008 at 10:21 pm

    you can always join us at softball over here with our church league.. that involves running and fellowship with Christian brothers. My team needs serious help. first game is next thursday.

  2. A friend
    August 4, 2008 at 1:23 pm

    Buy a videotape to exercise at least 15 minutes while Grace is taking her precious nap. Just a suggestion.
    Follow your instincts and your heart when you know the answer about what to do with job/ministries. God will guide you. Good luck

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