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NCAA Football 2008

I was recently reminded by my friend Ryan’s recently released football predictions that it is now football time in Tennessee/Nebraska/Kentucky/etc. I had to scramble to read a whole summer’s worth of reports and peruse the rankings! And now, with no further ado, I release to you The Silent Holocron’s 2008 College Football Rankings! This year we will do a Top-20.

  1. LSU. These guys must lose to be removed from the top spot.
  2. Oklahoma. This pick is actually not popular if you’ve seen the current listings. But the Sooners return a good team that will only improve week by week.
  3. Georgia. If the Dawgs can avoid patting themselves on the back too much, an All-SEC national title game might be possible. (Yes, I do believe it will happen one day!)
  4. Ohio State. The Buckeyes will stay right in the hunt until the end, falling to an SEC team…again…
  5. Southern Cal. Trojans here only because they are in dynasty mode.
  6. Auburn. Only because I don’t want Florida this high up.
  7. Florida. And this high only grudgingly. I still think Tebow is overrated. A product of the system.
  8. West Virginia. Pat White keeps the Mountaineers looking good at least one more year.
  9. Clemson. If Tommy Bowden can get his boys to avoid slacking off, Clemson may win the ACC.
  10. Texas. The Big 12 will come down to the Longhorns and the Sooners. Beating Oklahoma would be a big step to returning to the title game.
  11. Wisconsin. Can the Bagders remain a consistent contender for the Big 10?
  12. Tennessee. A return to the SEC Championship will depend largely on the big games vs. Florida, Georgia, Auburn, and Alabama. I predict my Vols will be at least 10-2 this year and beat Florida and Auburn. Georgia is mad after last year and will be motivated. Alabama could go either way. A stumble against rebuilding UCLA on Monday is a potential 3rd loss.
  13. Virginia Tech. Last year’s hiccups will be repeated. Hokies will trail Boston College and Clemson all year.
  14. Missouri. One of last year’s sleeper teams, the Tigers will be hard-pressed to give a repeat performance. Don’t be surprised if they disappear from the rankings.
  15. Kansas. See Missouri.
  16. Arizona State. Might be the only team to challenge USC this year.
  17. South Florida. Playing outside of Florida too much this year.
  18. Texas Tech. Big 12 sleeper?
  19. Illinois. See Texas Tech. Illini must build on last year’s successes to give a repeat performance in ’08.
  20. Michigan. This is a sentimental ranking, I’ve always liked Michigan. We’ll see how Rich Rodriguez’ transformation of the Wolverines goes.

Biggest “Duh” Pics: An SEC team will face either Ohio State, USC, or an unbeaten Big 12 champ. The only way this won’t happen is if there is an upset in the SEC Championship. Come on now, you know the SEC is loaded.

Sleeper of the Year: Alabama and Louisville (tie). The Tide could surprise a few people along the way and end up in the SEC title game. Louisville is off the radar in a Big East that isn’t that big this year. Look for the Cards to upset South Florida and West Virginia at home, and for a shellacking of Pittsburgh. Their only other real conference test will be UConn. Rutgers will be so-so this year and should not challenge the Cards.

Most Improved: Mississippi State. The Sylvester Croom-led Bulldogs will be a tough team to beat.

What I’d Like to See: The return of defense to college football. 2007 was an atrocious year for defense, as it was virtually non-existent everywhere. Most glaring was Louisville’s fall from glory, largely due to a defense that couldn’t hit a tackling dummy. If Tennessee has shaken off the virus that infected college defenses in ’07, look out!

I’d also like to see a return to Nebraska as Nebraska. The Bill Callahan era was nothing more than a sick joke. My friend Ryan gives glad tidings of hope in this post. Bo Pelini will make Nebraska a respected, feared name once again.

Going to see: At least one Cards game this year. I’m gonna try to convince my dad to get tickets to at least one Vols game too. And of course, there’s the annual Catholic drinking festival Trinity-St. Xavier high school circus Super Bowl in October. Due to marrying right, I get to see that game as long as I live in Louisville. 😉

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  1. Laz
    August 27, 2008 at 11:26 pm

    Hook ’em Horns

  2. Steve Dye
    September 2, 2008 at 10:45 am

    i didnt watch the game but what in the world!! UK beats UL by 25 pts?? Thats unheard of. I was refreshing scores on my pager on the way home from FLA.

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